Gartner ha lanciato FrontRunners; a New Type of Quadrant

The FrontRunners quadrant, powered by Gartner Methodology, provides a data-driven assessment of products in a particular software category to determine which ones offer the best capability and value for small businesses. It is designed to assist small business leaders in making a software purchase.

FrontRunners plots a given market’s top 20-30 products in a quadrant format. The quadrant placement displays the Capability and Value of a product relative to their peers in the market. Each product is positioned in a designated quadrant based on their overall score.

FrontRunners looks a bit like the Magic Quadrant and you can think of it as a sister quadrant… but, aside from appearances, it is really quite different from the Magic Quadrant. Here are some of the major differences.

  • FrontRunners is for small business leaders who are looking to buy business software. This means that the data and methodology is tuned for the needs of small businesses.
  • FrontRunners is completely data-driven with no analyst interpretation.
  • FrontRunners is heavily influenced by user reviews.

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