Controller Award 2017

Controller Award 2017

L’ICV (Associazione internazionale dei controller) premia ogni anno un lavoro, un risultato oppure un progetto ottenuto nel mondo del controlling.

Il premio è dotato di 5.000 EUR. Ognuno si può candidare!


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Dear Sir or Madame,

at the 42nd Controller Congress on May 15-16, 2017 the International Controller Award of the International Controller Association (ICV) will be given. The Controller Award awards the exemplary controlling work in companies and other organizations every year.

I’d like to invite you to apply for the Controller Award by January 31, 2017 with your controlling solution. Compete for the Award and send your application so that it could be judged by our Jury!

The Controller Award 2017 will be given by the international Jury with  Prof. Dr. Andreas Seufert, Hillert Onnen (both German), Mag. Hubert Tretter (Austria), as well as Dr. Luc Schultheiss (Switzerland) led by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Weber. The image of the ICV as the first controlling competence address is strengthened by the Controller Award. The winner receives also 5.000 EUR. The Jury is really curious how many solutions will be submitted for 2076.

I’m looking forward to many interesting projects, the competent decisions of the Jury and the happy winner. I wish much success to all of the participants!

Siegfried Gänßlen

Chairman of the International Controller Association

Controller Award documents

The Controller Award 2017 of the International Controller Association (ICV), rewarded with € 5000, will be awarded for an exemplary controlling solution. The award will be presented at the 42nd Controller Congress on May 15-16, 2017 in Munich. The selection of the best controlling solution is based on the controller’s mission statement defined by the International Group of Controlling (IGC).

An exemplary controlling solution has to meet the following criteria:

• it contributes to a significant change which has been tested in practice,

• this change affects not only the controlling department, but contributes to the success of the whole company,

• the change has been developed by controllers in-house and represents an innovation.

To take part in the competition a questionnaire has to be completed with some detailed information about the project. The documents will be evaluated by the jury under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Weber.

More Info:

For further information, please contact Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Weber, Chair of Management Accounting and Control, WHU Vallendar, by phone: +49-261-6509 471.

Entitled to participate in that competition are controllers who implemented a project within the last 12 months either in a profit or a non-profit organization. The project must not have been published nor entered into any other competition.

Deadline for submission of your exemplary solution is January 31, 2017. Please submit at the ICV Office, D-82237 Wörthsee, Münchner Str. 8, Germany,


The award questionnaire (pdf or word) includes description of your controlling project: the start situation, end situation, goals, preparations, members of the team as well as experiences and advantages for the company. Please send us also a PPT presentation.

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