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As Adopted by the Board of Directors on January , 2011


AssoController is the Italian Controllers association that constitutes a reference point for those who want to contribute to the development of economic society towards a shared profitability, durable and sustainable. Who wants to look ahead, to those who want to imagine an open economy, international and high added value, where the experience and knowledge are the engine, and where competences are shared with other Professionals of Company or other Entities.

1. To encourage the exchange of experiences and information among professionals in the management accounting, thanks to regular meetings, the networking and the web site, www.assocontroller.it,  with the production of a newsletter and specific publications.
2. We seek to stimulate the study and research of the technical and professional issues relating to the control of management, thanks to the ability of the Association and its Members to establish privileged relations with research institutions cutting economistic and Management Science.
3. We are a unifying force that allows the relationship with organizations, institutions and individuals interested in the same topics, with consequent cultural growth and professional.
4. To affirm  the role of the internal controller of the companies.
5.To promote the meeting between the Associates and the labour market.

Controlling activity happens through three elements, teaching, research and network development.

to provide a better service to the society