About Assocontroller

Born in January 2010 in Milano (Italy).

Number of active members (March 2016)= 200

The Board of Directors currently in office was appointed by the associaton members in a general meeting held on 15 Marchr 2016 for the 2016, 2017 and 2018 years. Consists of 11 effective members, 3 auditors and a Supervisors Ethics.



 President Giorgio Cinciripini
Vice President Marcello Ippoliti
Secretary Maurizio Grillini
Treasure’r office Giovanni Ciuchi
Council members Thomas Biasi
  Irene Boschis
  Stefano Casalboni
  Mauro Putzu
  Alessandro Musso
  Simone Verza
 Auditors Riccardo Campi
  Ada Lazzari
  Riccardo Bonati
Supervisor Ethics Gabriele Mondini


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